Security bloke sentenced to 13 years for hacking

A network insecurity expert has been sentenced to 13 years for hacking into financial outfits and stealing credit card account numbers.

It seemed that Max Ray Butler, got a little bored protecting outfits from hackers and decided to do a bit of poaching.

Using the hacker pseudonym Iceman he gained notoriety for hacking into carder forum Web sites, where stolen credit card numbers are bought and sold, and forcing members to conduct their business through his own site —

Criminals used the stolen credit card numbers to create fake debit and credit cards that were then used to steal money or merchandise.

He admitted charges of wire fraud and identity theft. In addition to his 13-year sentence, Butler will face five years of supervised release and must pay US$27.5 million in restitution to his victims, Dembosky believes the 13 year sentence is the longest-ever handed down for hacking charges.

Butler had a promising career as a security consultant he even did volunteer work for the FBI. But he was arrested for writing malicious software that installed a back-door program on computers.

After 18 month’s porridge and finding himself homeless he turned again to cybercrime. By the time of his arrest in September 2007, he had built the largest marketplace for stolen credit and debit card information in the world.