Scammers promise naked pictures of Cheryl Cole to spread malware

Hackers are playing on people’s lust and attempting to spread malware by promising naked images of Cheryl Cole/Tweedy, PandaLabs has warned.  

According to researchers at the security company, Cheryl is just one of the naked baits being dangled at people through comments posted on websites and others include Billie Piper, Kim Catrall, Lucy Liu, Carla Bruni and Claudia Schiffer.

However, excited eager beavers that click on these links, which have popped up in website comment boxes, risk ending up on a spoof website that installs a Trojan rather than the promised nakedness.

PandaLabs’ Olaiz said in a blog post: “These profiles have been created with malicious intentions, as when you click to watch the video, you are redirected to another website from which a variant of the Trojan Zlob is downloaded.”

It’s true what they say, if it looks too good to be true it probably is so resist the urge. However if you see any links promising naked images of Ashley Cole, then they are probably genuine.