Santander tries to ruin Christmas with IT bank statement blunder

It’s going to be a dull Christmas for Santander, which has accidentally sent around 35,000 customers other people’s bank statements.

People have received their own and others statements, which means they can see other customers names, account numbers and where they have spent their money.

Santander blamed a “technical error” at its printers, saying an IT application was to blame. There wasn’t another incident because the system apparently resets itself after 35,000 print outs.

We’re not sure which IT systems the bank uses – we tried to call up but it’s iFeliz Navidad! in Spain.

Following the blunder the ICO has now set its sights on the bank, claiming that it is investigating the problem. However Santander is saying that there shouldn’t be any issues with fraud.

“We want to reassure customers that the risk of fraud on their account has not been increased because of this error and that this is a one-off incident,” it said.