Samsung ships S8500 Wave with infected SD card

The one place you don’t expect to get malware from is your phone manufacturer, but Samsung shipped its new S8500 Wave smartphones with a 1GB microSD card loaded with a nasty surprise.

MobileBurn revealed that the memory card which came with the smartphone was infected with a malware program called slmvsrv.exe, which is a Win32/Heur Windows-based application that will automatically install itself when hooked up to a Windows PC with autorun enabled. 

So, it may not affect the phone itself, but if you try to sync up with your PC it will jump ship and do what malware does best, including auto-copying itself to other memory cards inserted into the infected computer so it can spread itself a little further.

A red-faced Samsung said that the infected cards are only limited to the initial German run of the smartphone and that all others should be virus-free, but users might want to have their antivirus software scan the cards just to be on the safe side.

Samsung’s S8500 Wave is its first smartphone sporting the Bada platform, which Samsung is hoping will gain momentum in the affordable smartphone market. Packaging malware with the phones is probably not the best way to launch a new product line.

IBM pulled a similar gaffe last month when it handed out infected USB cards to journalists down under.

Update: We talked to a Samsung spokesperson who told us: “This is an isolated issue that took place solely in the German market. As soon as the problem was identified the issue was immediately resolved.  All products currently available on the market have been tested and are perfectly safe to use. To be absolutely clear – this problem does not and did not affect the UK.”