Russians going for Wikileaks

US government spooks, the National Security Agency, have picked up electronic evidence that Wikileaks is under close surveillance by the Russian FSB, Tsar Putin’s domestic spy network.

Apparently, the Russians fear that WikiLeaks is prepared to release damaging personal information about Kremlin leaders as it has to the US government.

According to the Daily Beast,  while the US has been unable to shut down Wikileaks, the Russians play by different rules and might just chase the site off the world wide wibble.

If Wikileaks and its founder, Julian Assange, follow through on threats to post highly embarrassing information about the Russian government and what is assumed to be massive corruption among its leaders, the Russians will be ruthless in stopping the outfit, the NSA source said.

If Wikileaks has such information it would come from wealthy Russian expatriates who have had the resources over the years to conduct far-ranging private investigations into Kremlin leaders, including the movement of assets outside Russia.

The belief is that the Russians would be ready to consider aggressive cyberwarfare techniques to shut down Wikileaks and its website, as well as violence and other threats against Russians who were believed to be informants.

We guess Assange might have to make sure that he does not drink any glowing cups of tea either.

The London based Russian billionaire and newspaper magnate Alexander Lebedev has acknowledged that one of his reporters recently travelled to Sweden to meet with Assange. Lebedev’s Russian newspapers were recently raided by the authorities.