Russian hackers jump over Apple's wall

Red-faced Apple is examining how a Russian hacker broke into its walled garden of delights and found a way to make illegal in-app purchases.

Alexey Borodin found a way to nick content from iOS apps by making in-app purchases without having to pay cash.

In-app purchases are found in free games that entice you to spend a little money to upgrade  the crippled software.

It was not as if Borodin was secretive about it. He published a video, applying the method to various apps, including Temple Run.

Apple acted swiftly to fix the security problem and closed the security loop hole, nah not really, it told Youtube that the video broke its copyright and it was taken down. That way at least people woulld not talk about it.

Natalie Harrison, an Apple spokeswoman, claimed that the security of the App Store was incredibly important to it and the developer community. She said that Apple took reports of fraudulent activity very seriously, and it was investigating.

LA Times,  which spoke with Borodin, said that more than 30,000 illegal purchases had been made using it. It is not clear who made them as Borodin cannot have been that busy.

Apple’s walled garden of delights is starting to look like it is protected by a picket fence these days. On the Fourth of July, apps that been given an update started crashing and started getting one star reviews.

Jobs’ Mob still has not got to the bottom of that one either.

Still as the Chinese will tell you, a wall is only good as the tendency of the barbarians on one side of it and the willingness of the people on the other to defend it.