Rupert Murdoch alive and well despite Sun hack

The buzz at Wapping is that there’s only one thing that will take the phone hacking scandal off the front pages, and that would be the death of either Margaret Thatcher, the Queen, or both.

But the death of Rupert Murdoch would also change the nature of the game and last night hacker outfit Lulz re-engineered the front page of the Sun to report that he had been found dead in his garden.

He wasn’t found dead in his garden and instead will give evidence to a committee in the House of Commons today, along with his son James Murdoch and ginger-haired hackette Rebekah Brooks.

MPs, long the target of tabloid journalists, will have their chance to get their own back today by asking difficult questions of Murdoch, Murdoch and Brooks.

Meanwhile, David Cameron is scooting back from a trade visit to South Africa to show that while two senior coppers and Rebekah Wade has resigned, he has no intention of doing so himself.