Royal Wedding malware gets to the church on time

Insecurity outfit Norton has released a list of things you should not search for when it comes to the royal wedding.

The outfit has had a look at which are the top searches that are likely to come with poisoned malware and there are some surprising results.

The folks over at Norton sent me an interesting list this morning: a compendium of infected “Royal Wedding” search terms.

More than 61 percent of people who got themselves infected had done so by clicking on a site listed under the search “william and kate movie”. We would have thought that actually watching the terrible flick would be poison enough, without getting malware too.

Another 58 percent were infected looking for “princess diana death” photos. While we appreciate the need to make sure that the media hungry sloane was indeed dead as a dodi , it is strange that so many sites promising snaps of her were poisoned.  We wonder if Prince Phillip has an alibi. 

Lots of people wanted to know how old Charles was and in their quest for knowledge was resulting in them getting a virus. However other searches have left us feeling a bit bewildered. Why anyone would want to know if Kanye was on the royal wedding guest list is beyond us.

Norton has found that lots of people are tapping in the phrase “prince charles tampon” we guess it is to do with this but it is a strange search to be so popular. Never the less if you tap it into Google, some malware writer has worked out that it is a good attack vector.

Oddly obvious search terms such as the “the royal wedding dress” and “kate middleton wedding dress designs” were less likely to be poisoned tipped. Clearly the best thing to do is not to search for anything wedding related online and get a life.

Here is the list of the most dodgy terms you can type.

1. william and kate movie … 61%
2. princess diana death photos … 58%
3. prince charles age … 57%
4. william and kate movie cast … 57%
5. prince charles alzheimer’s … 57%
6. princess diana death date … 55%
7. william and kate movie actors … 53%
8. prince charles and alzheimer’s … 49%
9. william and kate movie wiki … 46%
10. princess diana death facts … 46%
11. royal wedding guest list kanye … 45%
12. princess diana death car … 45%
13. prince charles tampon … 43%
14. princess diana biography … 42%
15. princess diana death age … 41%