Robbie Williams gets hacked

Popular beat combo star Robbie Williams has told ABC that he has not used a mobile phone for more than two and a half years.

Williams said that his was hacked by a British tabloid reporter and it was not safe for him to use one.

He said it meant that he didn’t have to worry about any further hacking – still it means that his publicity shots like the one on the left are largely meaningless.

The story was part of the ABC’s Foreign Correspondent programme which was investigating a scandal in the UK which saw the royal family’s phone messages hacked  by a tabloid newspaper.

Williams didn’t say which newspaper had hacked in to his phone but the News of the Screws is embroiled in a phone-tapping scandal which is being investigated by Inspector Knacker of the Yard, so we can guess.

The former features editor at the paper, Paul McMullan, told the ABC that the practice of tapping in to people’s message banks was a widespread practice within the paper. 

“By ‘n large it was rubbish. You got really rubbish information. You got stuff like; ‘I’m just going out to Tesco’s to get a pint of milk, would you like anything else luv?’ Well that’s not great is it? It’s not like, ‘Oooh I’m just smuggling in some plutonium,” he told ABC.  We guess the Americans would have  needed subtitles for that interview.