Researches cure RFID theft

Researchers from the Pittsburgh Swanson School of Engineering have come up with a way of stopping RFID snooping.

For a while there had been some concern that it was a doddle to hack radio frequency ID chips (RFID) and near-field communication cards (NFC).

Contactless RFID readers can be purchased on eBay for as low as $50 and long range readers can be built for about $100.

According to DigiTrends, the researchers from the Pittsburgh Swanson School of Engineering are working on a credit card “switch” which turns the card “on” and “off.” It would require the user to hold on to a certain part of the card while it was being read.

Professor Marlin Mickle said that the technique would make it impossible to read until someone turns it on.

We would have thought that once switched on it would be just as vulnerable. Our guess is that a hacker would sit near a cash point or supermarket till and wait for people’s cards to be switched on. Still, it would limit the ability for many hackers to take out a card.

We still think that wrapping the card in tin foil is better. Then you just take it out of the tinfoil when you want to use it.