Reports surface of Yevgeny Kaspersky's son kidnapped

Russian spooks and coppers are looking for the son of Russian insecurity expert Yevgeny Kaspersky who is believed to have been kidnapped.

Ivan Kaspersky, 20, has been missing for two days, a police source told Interfax news agency. While it is not unusual for young Russians to go missing for a day or two and wake up with a sore head, it looks like the coppers are treating this as a kidnapping.

Russian news website Life News claimed it was a kidnapping but quoted its own sources.

Kaspersky Lab told a newspaper it could not confirm news Ivan had been abducted.

Yevgeny Kaspersky made a killing developing anti-virus software and was seen as quite wealthy.

Kaspersky Lab is regarded outside Russia as one of the country’s few business success stories not related to the energy sector.

Unfortunately, the Russian inability to deal with organised crime, unless it threatens the state, has meant that there is great business in kidnapping the kids of wealthy business people.

Life News said that the kidnappers wanted 3m Euros for Ivan’s safe returns.

Apparently Ivan was snatched while on his way to work in Moscow on Tuesday.