Reddit spots FBI bug on car of religious leader's son

It’s been a month and a bit but reports online are starting to trickle in of the FBI’s wire taps. We reported on the FBI’s newly given right to plant a GPS tracking device on vehicles.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled late August that planting tracking chips underneath cars is not unreasonable or a breach of the Fourth Amendment. As long as they think someone is a local criminal.

User Khaledthegypsy reports that he and a friend visited a mechanic and found the device on the car. Apparently, his friend’s father, who has now passed on, was a religious leader and the FBI has shown interest since. They have allegedly made attempts to contact his friend who had not been playing ball. According to the Ninth Circuit ruling, the FBI or local law enforcement must have suspicion to believe he is a criminal in the area. He does, however, admit to smoking pot – whatever the reason he was allegedly bugged is unclear. 

jeanmarcp recognised the device as a Guardian ST820 – a GPS tracking unit by a company called Cobham. He said that sales are restricted to army and law enforcement and, yes, the FBI probably had something to do with it.

The full thread is here. It says: “Me and my friend went to the mechanic today and we found this on his car. i am pretty confident it is a tracking device by the FBI but my friend’s roommates think it is a bomb..any thoughts?

Edit 1:I should also clarify that the FBI had interest in my friend since his father passed away, as he was a religious leader and they’ve made attempts at contacting my friend to spew racist questions.

Edit 2: i shouldve been more clear when clarifying but religious muslim leader…and i am an ent! : ) but it was my friend’s car and he doesn’t reddit. My plan was to just put the device on another car or in a lake, but when you come home to 2 stoned off their asses people who are hearing things in the device and convinced its a bomb you just gotta be sure. Edit 3: MORE PICTURES!!