Polish hacker gets inside US Military's Defence Logistic Agency website

There is one movie every Polish person knows. It’s a cult comedy from the 80s called “Miś” – meaning “Teddy Bear”. Now, thanks to a hacker going by a name “Porkythepig”, everyone can see it – but not on YouTube where you would expect it, but on the USA military Defence Logistics Agency website. 

If you go the site and just type “porkythepig”, a fragment of a movie begins to play. It’s in Polish, of course – for those not fluent in Polish the man with a guitar sings: “I’m a Happy Romek…” It’s funny but the story is much more serious.

On Seclists.org you can find a post by porkythepig about the potential vulnerability that exists on many sites, including military and government. 

But apparently since March, when the details of the insecurity were published on seclists.org, nobody did anything to patch the vulnerability so porkythepig decided to prove his observations the hard way. Polish language source is here – but the vulnerability still works at time of publishing so try it yourself.

*EyeSee Romek is a diminutive version of Roman. For example when Roman Polanski was a child he could have been called Romek Polanski.