Policeman sues for wiretapping

A copper who was disciplined after he was caught beating up a suspect by a woman armed with a video camera, is suing her.

Michael Sedergren got into all sorts of hotwater after he was caught on video beating a guy named Melvin Jones. Jones had bones all over his face broken and became partially blind in one eye.

The video was made by a woman named Tyrisha Greene and Sedergren has decided that she has broken some US wiretapping laws.

These wiretapping laws seem to be stacked in favour of the government anyway. At the moment it seems that any copper can listen in on people’s phone calls just by claiming that the victims were terrorists.

According to Techdirt, Sedergren thinks that his human rights under the US constitution have been threatened by someone being a good citizen and stopping him pummelling a perp.

Of course the constitutional rights of his victims don’t count in this case. The point is that under the US law he might have a case and certainly has a lawyer.

According to Sedergren, Greene should have asked his permission to film him beating up Jones and if he had given it this case would never have happened.

Sedergren has filed a criminal complaint against Greene which means that if he wins she could be jailed for providing evidence of his criminal doings.

If he does win it will put more than just those who filmed Rodney King being beaten up behind bars. It would mean that all that CCTV footage, which we assume was not filmed with the permission of the criminals, would be classified as illegal.