Playstation hack gives away credit card details

After a week with its systems round its ankles, it seems that Sony has finally got around to warning users that the hack which bought its Playstation network to its knees, might have stolen its customers credit card details.

Aussie coppers have warned PlayStation users that they may have to cancel their credit cards after hackers stole enough information to even take out loans.

Australian Privacy Commissioner, Timothy Pilgrim, is furious with Sony and said that he would contact that Playstation maker for more information on the breach.

Security researchers claim that the hack might be the largest theft of identity data on record.

For a week Sony has sat on the information that its 77 million customers had their names, addresses, email address, birthdates, usernames, passwords, logins, security questions and more had been stolen.

It apparently can’t rule out credit card numbers and expiry dates being stolen.

NSW Police Detective Superintendent Col Dyson told the Sydney Morning Herald  that the hacker took enough personal information to do anything that a person could do themselves including getting credit and target their bank accounts.

He advised Playstation owners to contact their banks and consider cancelling their credit cards. People should also change their passwords if they use their same Playstation Network password for other services.

Despite it issuing a statement last week warning Sony it would be targeted as payback for Sony suing customers who cracked the PlayStation 3 software, Anonymous, has denied that it was responsible for the hack. If it was an attack to steal data, this would suggest that the outfit had nothing to do with it.