Phishers say "thank you Darling"

The British taxman has warned about a scheme to nick money through a spam email campaign.

Apparently tens of thousands of fraudulent e-mails were sent out ahead of Sunday’s tax return deadline.

People getting the emails are told they are due a tax refund and asked to fill in an online form with bank or credit card details. So far victims have their accounts emptied, card limits used, and risk having the details sold to other criminal gangs.

Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has warned taxpayers not to respond to the “phishing” e-mails, as it still uses snail mail to tell customers their refunds.

An HMRC spokesman was jolly concerned about the concept of another person or organisation talking large amounts of cash from someone who probably could not afford it. After all the only body which is allowed to rob you blind is the tax office.

It is dead keen to hunt the source of these emails and is asking anyone who receives one to send it to it for investigation instead of deleting it.

The Revenue said at least 20,000 fake e-mails had been sent out in the past week.