Pegatron in another spy scandal

Just a few weeks after the outfit was involved in a corporate kick-back scandal involving an Apple manager, computer maker Pegatron Technology is in another spying scandal.

This time it is claiming to be the victim. It is suing a former employee, claiming that he, or she, leaked trade secrets to Asustek Computer.

According to Digitimes it is not clear who the former employee was.

A spying claim is a little strange considering that Asustek spun Pegatron off and still uses the outfit for its manufacturing.

But the spying scandal is one that Pegatron would definitely want to sweep under the carpet.

There have been rumours that Asustek wants to decrease the number of laptops it makes with the firm. Pegatron Technology CEO Jason Cheng was recently quoted as saying he was “optimistic that there will be no significant decrease” in notebook orders from Asustek Computer in terms of volumes.

This is a bit like Bill Clinton saying “I did not have sex with that woman”, it all gets down to what you mean by the definition of the individual words.

Asustek has said it was planning to increase its notebook outsourcing to other players from 30 percent currently to half by the end of 2010.

Either way Pegatron is not going to be in a position to complain too much about its former overlord spying on it.

No one knows what secrets were involved nor who the corporate spy was.

All that is certain was that the information was related to Pegatron’s notebook products. Given that Pegatron does work for Asustek rivals it might have been information that related to corporate secrets too, but no one is really saying anything.