Parliament can't take on phone hackers

Blighty’s Parliament does not think that it can take action against the News of the World for hacking MP’s phones.

The News of the Screws has been banged to rights for hacking into MP’s phones to work out who was bonking who, however Parliament has been told that there is nothing it can do about it.

Angry MPs had asked the hackings to be looked at by the House’s Standards and Privileges Committee

But the Commons’ most senior official, Clerk of the House Malcolm Jack, said that the courts should normally deal with the practice because it was against the law.

Chris Bryant, a Labour MP who said he had been told by police that he was on a list of people whose phones had been targeted, said the hacking claims amounted to a contempt of Parliament and a “severe breach” of parliamentary privilege.

However, Jack told the committee that Parliament did not often use its powers for dealing with contempt.

He told them that since hacking is a criminal matter, it is more appropriately prosecuted in the courts.

Bryant has good reason to be angry. The editor alleged to have ordered the hacking is now Prime Minister David Cameron’s communications director and spin doctor.

These days Andy Coulson, who was the News of the Screws editor at the time, does not have to hire private investigators to do his dirty work, the PM’s office has MI5. Coulson has denied he was ever involved in encouraging hacks to er hack into people’s phones. 

We guess MI5 is not used to snoop on who politicians are bonking either.