Pakistani hackers deface Chinese government websites

A number of Chinese government websites have been defaced by hackers from Pakistan.

Around 400 domains managed by the Xuchang City People’s Procuratorate were affected while the Lushan County, Henan Province People’s Government portal, and the City of Rushan’s websites also become casualties.

Chinese commercial websites were defaced with messages from the hackers too, Softpedia reports.

The sites included messages such as: “For those who are killing innocent Muslims, disturbing them, we gave you warning Hindu and Christians, but you didn’t stop your cheapless (sic) acts. We are Pak cyber attackers.”

Other hacked sites were scrawled with the message: “An attack for those who abuse Mohammad, who abused our religion, who insulted our religion, who killed innocent Muslims. Islam is religion of peace, stop making fun of Muslims and Mohammad! We only have fear of Allah, we are the soldiers of Islam!!!!”

Although some sites had managed to clean up the messages, others were still showing them.

Around 20 Bangladeshi government websites were also hit over the weekend.

According to BDNews24, sites including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, bared messages like: “You have been hacked,” and “This is a PayBack From Pakistan Cyber Army. This is not a game you kidz, Don’t play with fire.”