Operation Payback moves to fax

Hackers protesting against Wikileaks‘ treatment by the authorities have decided to move off the world wide wibble and launch their attacks on company fax machines.

Operation Payback has launched a “Leakflood” mission, which encourages its members to send a large number of faxes to Amazon, MasterCard, Moneybookers, PayPal, Visa and Tableau Software.

It is a bit like a distributed denial of service attacks, only it is carried out against 19th century technology. The group started the fax-attacks yesterday at 13:00 GMT and published a list of target fax numbers in their call to arms:

The hackers are sending Wikileaks cables, letters from Anonymous, Guy Fawkes, and the WikiLeaks logo to the target fax numbers. It is not clear how many people are taking part in the attacks.

The attacks use the MyFax free fax service here, and an anonymous proxy to contact it. But that is where the technology stops in the cunning plan.

Switching off Amazon’s faxes is going to be annoying, but not really as annoying as having its site down. After all, few people send faxes these days other than those really annoying adverts which seem to clog the things up anyway.

As the protests fall further down the scale of technology, Anonymous will soon be left with trying to hack into the telegraph, mugging the postman or shooting messenger pigeons.