Obama's cyber-security amounts to baby-steps

The former director of US National Intelligence has hit out at the planned preparations for Cyber War being designed by President Obama.

Mike McConnell said that he had incredible difficulty getting his political overlords to see sense when it came to the cyber security issue.

Before Obama, defense Secretary Robert Gates turned aside a key cyberdefense management recommendation during McConnell’s tenure.

McConnell wanted an “independent specified command” to secure military and civilians networks if anything went wrong with the internet.

Gates moaned that he could not do that without an act of Congress.

He eventually placed the new cyber defense command under Strategic Command as a sub-unified command, and limited the Defense Department’s role to protecting defense and intelligence networks and acting as an adviser to the Department of Homeland Security.

But McConnell who now works for Booz Allen, Hamilton consulting company said that the measures adopted by Gates and the Obama administration amounted to “baby steps.”

Laws proscribing the roles of the intelligence agencies and the Department of Defense also need revision for cyberdefense, he said.

McConnell told Army Times there was no adequate leadership on dealing with Cyber War and he predicts that Washington will just debate everything for years until there is a catastrophic event.