NSA to shield Google

Google and the shady, ever-so secret National Security Agency (NSA) are forging iron bonds to protect the world’s dominant internet company from the sinister workings of eastern fiends. US newspaper The Washington Post reports both entities are working on an agreement which would aid Google in analysing the recent China-based attacks it suffered.

Google Mail accounts of Chinese dissidents were targeted and hacked a fortnight ago, Google said it would withdraw from China and not censor its search results anymore, ignoring Great Leader’s orders.

NSA sealNeither Google nor None-Such Agency have commented on the report, yet the Washington Post seems to have trustworthy sources close to the proceedings. Apparently both parties are working out how to share data and with each other, without comprimising Google’s policies on the one hand and privacy on the other hand.

Any sharing of data is bound to get privacy advocates up in arms and will garner criticism. Finding a perfect balance between concerns and security is a highly sensitive matter, as any concerns in regards to the anonymity of Google users would damage the company.

An agreement would allow the NSA to cooperate with Google to check for flaws and vulnerabilities and if Google has the proper defenses installed. The NSA would also assess the capabilities of the enemy, helping Google prepare itself for future breaches.