Norway hinders Apple 3D Flyover maps over Oslo

Norway’s National Security Authority is blocking Apple from constructing 3D aerial maps over Oslo.

Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten quoted an official citing national security as the reason for the ban – in case Apple vehicles mapped out confidential buildings or filmed intelligence headquarters.

Apple’s iOS 7 3D maps have been touted as a major feature in iOS 7.

Apple, 9to5mac reports, approached the US embassy in Norway, which is now in contact with Oslo’s mayor Fabian Stang. It’s reported that Stang approached Norway’s defence minister to reconsider.

Neighbouring Scandinavian capitals, Stockholm and Copenhagen, have already been mapped, but Norway’s National Security Authority has refused Apple the access.

Stang told Aftenposten that the app is relevant for tourists and existing residents. But Norway is concerned that it can’t exert national control over the collected material. Some Norwegian companies are able to photograph classified buildings, but the resolution is reduced so particular details can’t be seen.

An official responded that it’s unlikely there will be in depth 3D mapping over the White House. Aftenposten pointed out that Washington DC is not mapped, nor is Arlington’s Department of Defense building or the CIA headquarters.