North Korea launches cyber attacks against South

The glorious happy people of North Korea appear to be spending their evenings launching cyber attacks against the evil western pig dogs across the border.

While it is not clear if the attacks are at the request of “Dear Leader” since there are very few PC’s in North Korea it seems fairly likely that this is not an amateur effort.

According to Bloomberg,  South Korea has warned computer users to take precautions against a new computer virus.

It is saying that users should start their machines in safe mode to protect against infection by malware that could destroy data stored on hard disks and prevent installation of virus protection programs.

The warning comes from the Korea Communications Commission after government websites were attacked by the virus. However it now seems that with the new virus the attackers are targeting home computer users.

It is also unusual as the attackers are not using DoS attacks which are often their weapon of choice.

To be fair to North Korea no one has any evidence that the attacks come from North Korea yet,  although it is an obvious suspect.

One recent attack on the distribution of Global Positioning System signals in a few regions of South Korea has appeared to be linked to North Korea.

It is believed that North Korea might have tested GPS jamming technology as a response to U.S.-South Korean military drills that began last week.