North Korea denies computer attack on South

The glorious workers of North Korea were not involved in a cyber bank raid against the corporate imperialist lapdogs of the West, according to an official statement.

South Korea was fairly certain that the North was behind a cyber attack that paralysed the computer network of a South Korean Nonghyup bank last month.

The North claims that none of its workers were there at the time, and it was broken long before any North Korean went near it.

Apparently the South wants to go to war with the North and is just looking for pretexts, the North Korean government agency claimed.

The cyber raid was just like the South’s bogus allegations that one of its boats was torpedoed by a Northern submarine. The fact that the torpedo had “made in North Korea” on the tip and was similar to every other torpedo in the North Korean arsenal was all part of a devious plot.

The statement came from the National Defense Commission, the North’s supreme leadership body.

It said that it was an act “akin to digging its own grave that (the South) is running about madly clinging to confrontation with its compatriots through crudely fabricated schemes”.

During this particular fabricated scheme, millions of customers were unable to use the bank’s credit cards and ATMs for over a week. It showed how vulnerable the South’s financial systems were to organised cyber attacks.

South Korean prosecutors claim that the hacking was masterminded by a group of North Korean state-backed experts.