Nintendo thinks piracy will become a thing of the past

Makers of the Wii, Nintendo has made the somewhat bold declaration that piracy on its gizmos will become a thing of the past.

While we have come to expect strange things to emerge from an outfit that thought calling a games console the Wii was a pretty neat idea, Nintendo appears to have topped itself.

According to Computer and Video Games, Nintendo thinks that piracy days are gone and people are happy to pay huge amounts of dosh for one game.

UK general manager David Yarnton said that thanks to improved security and changes in international law, they now see a time when piracy isn’t viable.

He was particularly keen on the 3DS’s anti-piracy tech saying that this is probably one of Nintendo’s best pieces of equipment.

The game maker went flat out to protect its IP and its third-party publishers’ IP as well.

He said that it was not just the technology which was becoming harder to crack but also the international climate. Governments have worked out that piracy is costing industry and are taking steps to stop it.

Of course what Yarnton does not understand is that people do not hack machines for commercial gain. They do it because people like Yarton tell them that it is impossible. Some also do it as a protest against Big Content. Other than the blokes who used to flog pirated disks in the centre of Sofia, it is rare that pirates set up shop to make much cash. The bulk of hot software is found for free online.