NHS loses 8 million patient records from one PC

Some clever soul kept 8 million hospital patient records on one laptop. And it’s gone missing, according to The Current Bun.

It reportedly contained highly sensitive details of 8.63 million people – along with all the ins and outs of 18 million hospital visits including operations and procedures. It’s quite possible some Joe Blogs knows about that hernia from last summer.

More worryingly, it reportedly contains highly sensitive details about HIV, mental illness, cancer and abortions.

It was one of 20 machines to be enjoying the Scotch Mist, held in a store room in London.

Coppers are irritated that the loss had been reported late. Meanwhile, the Information Commissioner, perceived by some as toothless, is sharpening its gums to mull over the case. 

No one has publicly gone on record about the machines – it’s unclear if they were mistakenly dumped or just plain nicked. Similarly no one has owned up to taking the train drunk following an after-work party. It could be on the circle line.

The Sun reports that each laptop was worth £10,000 – but that’s more likely what the NHS paid for them.