News of the World alleged to have paid hackers

UK BBC TV news show Panorama is going to run a story tonight which will claim that a senior journalist at Rupert Murdoch’s News of the World paid a hacker to break into the computer of a former spy.

According to Panorama, the hacking took place in 2006. The hack wanted sensitive information about an informant in Northern Ireland who was the subject of a court order

The hack is alleged to have taken place under the editorship of Andy Coulson, who went on to be the respectable communications director of David “One is an Ordinary Bloke” Cameron, the UK prime minister.

Coulson has always denied any knowledge of lawbreaking at the title which makes him one of the least hands on editors in a Murdoch title.

In advance publicity, the BBC tells us that phone-hacking was once dismissed by executives at News International as the illegal work of one ‘rogue reporter’…

“Panorama exposes the extent of the ‘dark arts’ employed by journalists across the industry to get their story. The programme reveals a dishonourable history of law-breaking that went beyond phone-hacking and questions the police inaction that let it continue.”

Apparently the hacker is alleged to have used Trojan viruses to get the secret information and once they were activated they sent confidential data from the computer to the hack.

The News of the World insisted that Panorama had no evidence to support its allegation despite several requests to News International to spill the beans.