New Zeus bot nicking more bank details than ever before

Insecurity experts at Trusteer have warned that the Zeus botnet which has been crafted to nick online banking details is back and kicking.

Trusteer says the Trojan virus is in one of every 3,000 of the 5.5 million computers it monitors in the US and UK.

The latest version, Zeus 1.6,  can infect people using Firefox and Internet Exploder web browsers. It steals login information by recording keystrokes when the infected user is on a list of target websites. The data is then sent to a remote server to be used and sold on by cyber-criminals.

Anti-virus outfits had been good at shutting down the Zeus servers. In March 2010, many parts of the command and control system for the Zeus botnet were destroyed when the Kazakhstani ISP that was being used to administer it was cut off.

But to mix the mythological metaphors, Zeus is pretty much a Hydra and killing it is a Herculean task.

Amit Klein, chief technology officer at Trusteer expects the new version of Zeus to significantly increase fraud losses, since nearly a third of internet users bank online with Firefox and the infection is growing faster than seen before.