Net neutrality shouldn't stop RIAA snooping

A music industry lobby group famous for dragging the elderly, the sick  and the dead into court to face piracy charges wants a law which allows for net neutrality to help it bang more P2P users into jail.

The Recording Industry Association of America said it wants to make sure that when the US government brings in regulations on  Net neutrality it does not stop it sending letters blackmailing students demanding huge amounts of cash for downloading Coldplay and U2 singles.

The RIAA has asked the Federal Communications Commission to “adopt flexible rules” that free Internet service providers to fight copyright theft.

Actually what is saying is that it is fine to throttle the internet for P2P pirates as this will discourage the practice.  Of course if the FCC listened it would through net neutrality out the window.  All an ISP would have to do is claim that any bandwidth throttling it did was to prevent piracy.

According to a copy of comments submitted by the RIAA  the “Open Internet” principles should not protect unlawful content such as pirated songs.

It wants ISPs to adopt a “graduated response” when dealing with illegal file sharing and if it gets its way chronic offenders could lose Internet access.