NATO routed by Facebook friend

When NATO’s most senior officer, the Supreme Allied Commander Admiral James Stavridis asked to be their friend, military officers and government officials in Britain, America and other allies all agreed.

However, it seems that they had friended a fake admiral whose electronic profile was painstakingly constructed by foreign spies appearing to be working for China.

According to the Telegraph, neither Facebook nor NATO would disclose just how many people had fallen for the scam but it was clear the number was significant.

The spies apparently gained access to a treasure trove of email addresses, the names of family members, personal pictures, and possibly even phone numbers and the details of the victims’ movements.

NATO security experts are worried that the data could lead to blackmail and the sorts of hacks based on personal details.

Admiral Stavridis, who was in charge of operations in Libya to bring about the end of Muammar Gaddafi’s regime, has now made a real Facebook page. The fake, along with others, have now been deleted, according to NATO.

Facebook told us that it “removed the profile for violating our terms within a business day of receiving a report.”