Mythbuster talks about his willy and US airport security

US Airport security was so interested in Mythbuster star Adam Savage’s penis that it completely missed the packet of razor blades he was carrying in his pocket.

The TSA is getting a bit of bad press over its new porno scanners which show a person naked. However, when Savage went through airport security he feels that their obsession with getting the gear had gotten out of control.

Savage was put through the full-body scanner, and while he joked that it made his penis feel small, the security staff failed to notice that he carried razor blades in his pocket.

While many think that airport security (TSA) should be congratulated for not tasering the smug git, the case is being seen as how stupid the US’s airport security is getting. Often security checks are taking longer than the trip and there is a belief that somehow you are going to hijack a plane armed only with a pair of eye clippers and a contact lens kit.

Still it is nice to know that all these checks have still not caught a single terrorist and seem to be designed to mess up your trip for little or no reason.

The full story is told on this video clip.