MP’s emails routed through foreign country

It seems that when the prime minister on an MP sits down to write or read his emails in the House of Commons, they’re mysteriously routed abroad.

That emerged when Gordon Henderson, a Conservative member for Sittingbourne and Sheppey, asked the home secretary, Theresa May, this question:

“It has today been brought to my attention that all e-mails sent using the parliamentary system are redirected through computer networks in a foreign country. Will my right hon. Friend undertake a review of that arrangement to see whether there are implications for national security?”

The answer, when delivered by May, did not shed a great deal of light on the matter.

She said: “I have to say to my hon. Friend – I am looking at you, Mr Speaker -that I am not sure that responsibility for the processing of parliamentary e-mails is a matter for the Home Office. I think that it is a matter for the House of Commons Commission and the parliamentary authorities.”

Mr Speaker had nothing to say. So while it was a fair question, we don’t know where they ping to. North Korea? Iran? China? Where?