MPAA collects IsoHunt scalp

The Motion Pictures Association of America (MPAA) has managed to shut down IsoHunt, one of the longest running filesharing torrent operations.

Gary Fung, owner of, has agreed to a settlement and as a part of the deal the torrent indexing site will close down.  He will also be allowed to remove the horse’s head from his bed.

The judge Jacqueline Chooljian, cancelled the hearing which was planned after she was informed that both the parties came to a deal.

According to an MPAA press release, agreed to halt all operations worldwide in connection with a settlement of the major movie studios’ landmark copyright lawsuit against the site and its operator Gary Fung.

The settlement included terms under which Fung will be prohibited from profiting by infringing content produced or copyrighted by MPAA and its member studios.

The breakthrough in the case happened in March when the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against and Fung stating that there was enough unrebutted evidence in the summary judgment record to prove Fung offered his services with the object of promoting their use to infringe copyrighted material.

There was the usual self congratulations from the MPAA about how the Isohunt closure will send a strong message to all those who encourage, enable and help others “to commit copyright infringement are themselves infringers, and will be held accountable for their illegal actions”.

However the case did not exactly go the MPAA’s way. Only a few days ago the MPAA was told off by the judge for seeking damages several times the total worth of isoHunt.

The MPAA asked the court for $110 million, when it admitted that isoHunt only has $5 or $6 million.

The Judge said that by stripping Fung of all his assets there is no actual deterrence. It actually makes no odds taking someone’s money 50 times over.

The site was still up this morning when we looked for research purposes.