Movie studios to decide on US university funding

It seems that the US movie studios believe that they have the power to decide how state funds should be allocated to Universities.

If they are right, then the unelected lobby group has been given total control of State Funding Allocations in a bid by the Land of the Free to stamp out piracy.

It is not clear how the MPAA gained this huge constitutional power, however this week it started issuing directives to universities to do what it says over the administration of its networks or they will lose funding.

The letters will point to the anti-infringement provisions of the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 (HEOA). They will tell universities to cut off any student it directs from the internet or face potentially crippling consequences.

Theoretically the MPAA isn’t capable of pulling university funding over some shared movies, but the organisation seems to think that it is capable of making state officials its private police force do its dirty work for it.

The MPAA wants pirating students packed off for “re-education seminars” and for the universities to block of what it calls “rogue” websites.

The RIAA, which represents the music industry, has been sending such letters to universities for years in the hope of scaring students into settling before going to court. However they found the universities arguing that they couldn’t identify individual students based on IP addresses alone.

Many universities have blocks against websites and file sharing already.  But it seems that some clever students have worked out how to get around them. It was always thus.