Mountain Lion feature means Apple fans can crash software at home

Not happy with making the most insecure software in the world, the geniuses at Apple have had to come up with a way of crashing the system so simply you can do it at home.

The bug only works in the latest versions of Apple’s Mountain Lion operating system and if you want to use it you will have to upgrade. However, a feature like this will make you the envy of all your fanboy friends.

According to the Next Web, all you have to do is type “File:///”. It will cause your app to crash. There has to be eight characters in total and the F must be capitalised but now you can have any app you want crash for no apparent reason.

As you might expect, genius programming like this can only be found inside the creative minds of Apple, after all, they were the guys who invented the rounded rectangle.

Only apps which are totally dedicated to the Apple view of reality will crash using this method. So far Echofon, QuickTime, Safari, and Notes will crash as Apple wills it. Outsiders like Firefox will not crash on demand, but no true Apple fanboy will have installed software that does not carry Cupertino’s Holy Seal. The tame Apple press expects that Microsoft will copy the feature any day now.

The feature happens because the software is built around a built in assertion.

In the programming world, assertions allow developers to mandate expected behaviour, validating input to assure its correctness.

In this case, the automated data detectors see what appears to be a malformed URL and send off an application exception reporting the internal inconsistency. The exception crashes the application because the geniuses at Apple forgot to write a built-in handler.