More malware for the Mac appears

You wait for ages for Mac malware to show up and then two come at once.

A new version of the malware Mac Defender, which doesn’t require the administrator password for installation, has been spotted in the wild.

Security research firm Intego warned Mac users that Mac Guard is making the rounds. While people were being infected with Mac Defender, Intego did not class it as the sort of dangerous virus that would sucker many people.

Part of the problem was that it needed the user to install it using an admin password.

Writing in his bog, Intego spokesperson Peter James said that a new Mac Defender variant was coming out every 12 to 24 hours. But this latest one was a totally new version which .did not need the administrator’s password.

The package installs the download named avRunner which then launches automatically. At the same time, the installation package deletes itself from the user’s Mac, so no traces of the original installer are left behind.

Most Apple users have the “Open ‘safe’ files switched on after downloading” because they think that they are immune to malware because Steve Jobs told them so.

Apple has finally admitted the existence of Mac Defender but it is not clear if its upgrade will protect users from Mac Guard.

It is probably safer to switch to a secure computer based around Linux.