Ministry of Defence workers leaking information on Twitter

Ministry of Defence workers have leaked vital information and secrets on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

In the past 18 months, 16 leaks have been recorded by the MoD, and ten staff have reportedly been ‘disciplined’. These workers could work in any part of the Ministry of Defence including the Armed Forces.

The information came to light when a London PR agency made a freedom of information request on behalf of security vendors, F-Secure.

Although Facebook and Twitter are not banned from the MoD, as they are in so many private sector offices, there is a departmental code which advises employees: “Remember you are a member of HM Forces/MOD civil servant. Observe the same high standard of conduct and behaviour online as would be expected of you in your professional or personal life.”

F-Secure was, of course, on hand to give out advise and tell us all how awful it is, blaming foolish employees and tricky Facebook settings that might outfox an MoD worker.

“It’s worrying that employees in sensitive positions have been sharing confidential information via Twitter and other means,” said F-Secure’s security expert Mikko Hypponen

“They might think they are confiding in friends or family when they go on Facebook. However, the recent changes in Facebook’s privacy settings might make them disclose information to the world. This is a potential security risk.”