Microsoft in hot water over tracking

Software giant Microsoft is in hot water after it was claimed that it tracked the location of its mobile customers even after users asked that tracking software be turned off.

According to Reuters, a proposed class action, filed in a Seattle court, claims Microsoft intentionally designed camera software on the Windows Phone 7 operating system to ignore customer requests that they not be tracked.

The lawsuit against Microsoft claims that a letter the company sent tothe  US Congress, in which Microsoft said it only collects geolocation data with the express consent of the user, was false.

It claims Microsoft transmits data, including approximate latitude and longitude coordinates of the user’s device, while the camera application is activated.

It seeks an injunction and punitive damages, among other “remedies”.

Vole has not responded to the case yet and we are not expecting a reaction in the near future.

Apple got into all sorts of trouble over its attempts to track the location of its fanboys but disabled the feature when it realised they did not get out much, after a Senate committee asked them about the feature.