Microsoft furious at Google researcher

Software King of the World, Microsoft wants the head of a Google developer who told the world about a hole in its software.

According to Information Week, Microsoft claimed that hackers have attacked some computers by exploiting a bug in Windows first disclosed two months ago by a Google researcher.

The snark was made by Vole as it released a patch for the flaw yesterday as part of its patch Tuesday.

The bug was a zero-day vulnerability linked to the kernel for all editions of Windows from Windows 2000 to the present.

Google security engineer Tavis Ormandy came under fire because he did not tell Vole about the flaw before making it public.

Redmond claimed that as a result hackers had launched “targeted attacks” on corporate or government targets, with espionage and sabotage in mind.

Ormandy posted the disclosure of the bug in the Windows operating system before Microsoft had released software to fix it. He did so because he said that Vole’s security division was difficult to work with.

He advised other researchers to use pseudonyms and anonymous email when communicating with the software maker.

Google said that the Ormandy incident had nothing to do with them and the chap decided to snarl at Vole in his own time.