Microsoft broke our root-kit

Hackers have scurried to patch a rootkit that broke when Microsoft fixed a 17 year-old bug.

When Redmond released MS10-015 on Tuesday users complained that it had a bad habit of crashing their machines. But when security experts looked closely at the crashing the machines they were infected with the TDL3 rootkit.

The TDL3 rootkit is incompatible with MS10-015 update and this was causing the BSOD.  Apparently the hackers were a bit lazy when they came to their coding.

It took a while to work out what was going on and while users blamed Redmond for their crashes, the hackers behind the root kit realised that Microsoft’s update had revealed their infected machines. Obviously if the machines kept crashing then the great unwashed would be looking for security software to un-install the root kits.

With speed not seen by the big software companies, the owners of the root kit have sent out a patch to all the infected machines. They are now unlikely to crash, although they will still cause all the usual problems that root kits do.

It is clear they love their users more than the big software outfits.