Medvedev distraught at LiveJournal DDOS downtime

Russia’s President has told all his subscribers on LiveJournal that a cyber attack on the self-satisfied narcissist’s diary-sharing tool  is “outrageous”.

As is often the case when websites are crippled it was a distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack that hit earlier this week. Insecurity outfit Kaspersky said thousands of computers pointed repeat requests at the servers which brought LiveJournal to its knees.

MedvedevXOXO1965 said: “……..this sucks….. as if anything else could go wrong.. now some pathetic losers have attacked L J.. my friendss are furius. neway back now so will keep yall updated peace out.X”

LiveJournal is an influential sphere for free speech in the Motherland. Many turn to it, says the BBC, as a way to discuss the wheelings and dealings of what is perceived to be the corrupted broadcasters and newspapers which are under pressure from corporate interests.

Novaya Gazeta was next in line. It’s a newspaper which is known for voicing strong, critical opinions on what the State is up to.

You may recall our chat with Paul Bristow, chief operating officer at anti-DDOS outfit WebScreen. Bristow suggested that if unprotected from DDOS, it’s a ruthlessly efficient way to get rid of websites that are either competition or saying something shady corporates aren’t into. 

We guess someone, somewhere in Russia – with some degree of power – has been annoyed by rumblings and rantings on LiveJournal and the newspaper, and has decided to buy an attack on notions of free speech. 
DDOS is still the elephant in the room.