McDonald's customer details exposed in database hack

McDonald’s, famed for its healthy and delicious food, has revealed that customer details have been exposed in a database hack.

The data leak has given hackers access to customer information like email addresses and birth dates, collected from website and promotion sign-ups, but in between flipping burgers McDonald’s staff were keen to highlight that more sensitive information, like Social Security and credit card numbers, were not accessed. 

The most worrying thing about this data breach for customers of this classy food chain is people finding out exactly how many McFillTheBlanks we all really eat. While it’s not clear that this information was included in the database, dieters may be outed as their eating habits are exposed to the world.

The database was being managed for McDonald’s by marketing firm Arc Worldwide, a subsidiary of advertising company Leon Burnett. McDonald’s said that it is working with Arc to see exactly how data security was compromised.

The police have been notified of the incident and have begun an investigation. 

Mr. Ronald McDonald was not available for comment.