McAfee warns of new porny worm

The old “social engineering” methods used by hackers to get people to download toxic payloads are still the most effective.

Never mind needing to write code that cunningly bypasses your firewall, or discovering who your wife is so that you will download something dumb, people are still falling for “free sex movie” type scams.

McAfee Labs said the “Here you have” virus, which attacks users of computers running Windows, takes its name from the subject line in the emails sent to unsuspecting recipients.

The emails provide a link to a website purporting to offer shared PDF documents or movie files but which actually executes the virus.

Then it sends the email on to all of the contacts in a recipient’s address book, after disabling security programs hosted by a recipient’s machine.

Kaspersky claims that the “VBMania” worm is pretty active, and currently sending out significant amounts of mail.

Fox News said the virus took down servers at US space agency NASA and companies such as cable giant Comcast. It seems that people will do any thing to get their paws on porn, even disabling their common sense.