McAfee wants to come to the UK

Security software icon John McAfee says he wants to live in Britain, where he was born, and that there is “no hope” for his life if he returns to Belize.

McAfee is being held in an immigration centre in Guatemala after entering the country illegally, and is facing deportation back to Belize where he is wanted for questioning about the murder of a neighbour.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald , McAfee said that he wanted to “settle down to whatever normal life” he could. He said he would like to live comfortably day by day, fish, swim, and enjoy his declining years. We are not sure if he has been back to the UK for a while as these are not pursuits the country is known for.  The UK is also less fond of people taking a handgun to a dispute about dogs, whereas in the US it is compulsory.

Talking on an internet broadcast from the detention centre, McAfee said returning to the US, where he made his fortune, was his only hope now. But he later added that he would be happy to go to England.

For what it is worth, we don’t think Tersea May need worry about McAfee coming back to his old stomping grounds.  It appears that McAfee just wants to make sure that he goes anywhere but Belize where “bad things will clearly happen to him”.

McAfee’s lawyers have filed a request with a court in Guatemala asking that he be allowed to stay until his legal appeals against deportation have been settled, which could take months.