McAfee to lay off small amount off staff

McAfee has said that it plans to lay off “a small percentage” of its 7,100 staff.

According to Reuters, the security arm of Intel has not disclosed when it will be doing this and the reason behind the decision.

However, the news agency claimed the decision could be as a result of the current economic crisis, which has seen the PC software industry suffer.

It also pointed out that it could slump further as a result of Microsoft’s Windows 8, which will come with pre-installed antivirus software when it comes into fruition later this month.

However, the predictions contradict a recent report by Gartner which said last month that IT security was set to remain a priority for companies through to 2016, despite cuts in budgets and the current economic crisis.

According to the analyst house, worldwide spending on security was expected to rise to $60 billion in 2012, up 8.4 percent from $55 billion in 2011. Gartner expected this rise to continue, reaching $86 billion in 2016.

Intel bought McAfee in February 2011 for $7.7 billion. At the time the company had  7,072 employees.