McAfee safe and in the USA

John McAfee has been deported to Miami where he might be safe from ever having to answer questions about the murder of his neighbour in Belize.

McAfee ducked Belize police and slipped over the border to Guatemala City. Now he has been deported to the US where it is less likely he will be sent back to Belize.

According to Miami International Airport’s communication director, Greg Chin, immediately upon landing, according to passengers on the plane, McAfee’s name was called and he was whisked off the aircraft. Federal officials escorted the 67-year-old antivirus pioneer through customs out a side door, and out of the view of hacks who also wanted to ask him a few questions.

McAfee said he would not be accompanied by his 20-year-old Belizean girlfriend, but is seeking a visa for her. He told the Associated Press he had hired a lawyer in the US but he was effectively free.

The US is not fond of sending its citizens to foreign places to answer criminal charges. It does insist that foreigners are immediately packed off to face one of its quaint kangaroo courts, but never the other way around.

The fact that Belize has not found enough evidence to actually charge McAfee with the murder is probably enough to keep him from being extradited back.