McAfee grovels to its customers

After causing all sorts of big problems at large corporations earlier this week and at first trying to tough it out, McAfee late last night offerred a grovelling apology to its customers.

Under the incomprehensible headline of “an update on false positive remediation”, McAfee’s Barry McPherson started the grovel in his second paragraph.

His first paragraph said that McAfee “released a faulty signature update file that caused problems for a number of our customers”.

McPherson gets to the nitty gritty in the second paragraph by saying: “First off, I want to apologize on behalf of McAfee and say that we’re extremely sorry for any impact the faulty signature update file may have caused you and your organizations.” That’s second off actually Barry, but never mind.

Since the s*** hit the proverbial s****l, McAfee has been working day and night to fix the “problem” – more systems are coming “online” quickly. That’s to say, more XP systems are working again.

How did it happen? Said: “McPherson: “The problem arose during the testing process for this DAT file. We recently made a change to our QA environment that resulted in a faulty DAT making its way out of our test environment and onto customer systems.”

In other words, McAfee performed a SNAFU.

We daresay some large corporations have some very tough questions to ask McAfee over the next few days and are re-evaluating their re-mediation strategies.