McAfee defends himself in runaway blog post

Murder suspect and alleged fugitive John McAfee has taken time out from his busy run from the police to set up a blog.

The security software pioneer who is hiding from Belize police after a man he had a row with, Gregory Faull, ended up with a bullet in his head, has offered a $25k reward for capture of the real killer.

Dubbed “The Hinterland, the official blog of John McAfee” the blog appeared has McAfee writing off a couple of reporters from Gizmodo and Wired who he claims appear to be out to get him.

One, he claims, is seeking revenge over incriminating photos McAfee believes the reporter thinks McAfee sent to the writer’s wife. Wired on the other hand was more interested in showing him as a gun toting lunatic.

McAfee wrote that he is on run with a 20-year-old female named Sam. He said that a handful of friends and associates have been rounded up by police over the past week or so.

The posts are full of stories such as him returning to his home in disguise to find police digging up his dead dogs and cutting off their heads.

Another post urges readers to look closely at Belize’s prime minister’s Gang Suppression Unit that McAfee says has been used to go after the prime minister’s critics and enemies.

McAfee says the government was wrongfully going after him for illegal drug production and possession of firearms.

He said that he had pre-written enough material to keep his blog alive for at least a year.