McAfee claims parents abandon kids to the web

Although parents concede that they are worried about the influence of the world wide wibble on their children, McAfee reports that a large majority of five-year-olds already either own or use an internet enabled device.

A One Pull study surveyed 2,000 parents of children between five and 15. Six in ten of those surveyed regularly let their kids go online without adult supervision. According to the survey, a quarter of children aged five have been left alone at the PC, along with 40 percent of six year olds.

Over half of seven year olds surveyed were left to their devices.

According to the survey, one in six parents were shocked to find their kids on inappropriate website such as adult content, content about eating disorders, and on social networks. 14 percent of children under ten told their parents and of them, some accidentally ended up on pornographic images.

McAfee reports that the majority of parents agreed the internet poses a threat – moreso than five years ago. Despite worrying about the content available online, half of those survey did not bother to do anything at all to make sure their children are safe. A third of those surveyed, McAfee reports, said that it’s the media’s responsibility to make sure their kids don’t end up on ChatRoulette

Although it is not hard to imagine a toddler figuring out an iPad easily enough, we would take these results with a pinch of salt. The problem with this sort of study is it’s fairly easy to make sure the results match your agenda. And wouldn’t you know it: McAfee sells the Family Protection suite of software.